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What is MLS Integration?
A frame based add-on to your web template allowing you to display your local MLS information on your own web site at your own domain name. The advantage to this is that now you can keep your potential clients on your web site while they search all local available listings.

Why would I use such a feature?
If you want to link to your local MLS using the Real Estate Web Template Product without the MLS framing feature, the viewer would click on a link to visit this site and then leave your web site entirely. With the MLS Integration feature, when a viewer on your site clicks to visit the MLS, that MLS site will be framed within the architecture of your web site allowing the viewer to essentially stay on your site while searching local MLS.

How much does the MLS feature cost?
Cost is $9.95 per month in addition to your monthly site cost of $29.95 making your total price $39.90 a month for a complete web site with unlimited pages, etc. and your local MLS framed within the confines of your own web site.

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