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Faqs - Domain Names

What is a domain name?
A domain name or URL is the address that your site will be located (For example, is our web site address.)

How do I get one?
If you don't currently have a registered domain name, EZ Site Launch will help you obtain one. While purchasing you will be prompted to search for an available name. Once you find one that is availabe, simply enter it on the purchase form.

If I don't have a domain name, how much does the domain name cost ?
A domain name is FREE for 1 year. After the first year, renewal fees of $35 will automatically be charged to your account for 1-year domain registration.

I already have a domain name, can I use it and what are the costs?
Yes, of course. However to use an existing domain name with a REALESTATEWEBTEMPLATES template, you will have to modify your DNS to point to an EZ SiteLaunch Name Server. A more detailed explanation on how to modify your DNS will be sent to you after account set-up. Transfer fees are included with your site set-up fee.

Can I use more than one domain name?
Yes, you can point more than one domain name to your main account; however there is a $5 per month charge for each additional name pointer.

If I get a domain name through EZ SiteLaunch, Ltd., who goes on record of domain as owner?
All domains registered by EZ SiteLaunch, Ltd. for use with this program are registered in the name of EZ SiteLaunch, Ltd. This is done for ease of domain renewals thus eliminating risk of downtime because a name was not renewed or worse, loss of the domain name you have established and marketed.

If I got a domain name through EZ SiteLaunch, Ltd., and I cancel my account, will I be able to retain ownership of the domain and will I have to pay for this?
If you cancel your account within 90 days of sign-up, you will be charged $35 for your domain name and it will automatically be released to you so you can change rights of ownership to yourself. If you cancel after 90 days, you will have an option to pay the $35 fee to have the domain name released to you so you can change rights of ownership to yourself.

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