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E-mail Accounts

As a REALESTATEWEBTEMPLATES customer, will I be able to have E-mail?
Yes. All REALESTATEWEBTEMPLATES customers have the ability to set up and maintain their own individual e-mail accounts.

I've never set up an E-mail account before, is it difficult?

No, once you become an REALESTATEWEBTEMPLATES customer and have access to the Launch Pad, you can find step by step instructions on the implementation of the e-mail process. For more information or to see just how easy it is, feel free to visit our set-up your e-mail demo.

Is there a limit to the amount of E-mail accounts a REALESTATEWEBTEMPLATES customer can have?


Does REALESTATEWEBTEMPLATES offer web based E-mail?

Yes. REALESTATEWEBTEMPLATES customers have the ability to collect and send E-mail via web based E-mail or POP3 Client.

E-mail Blasts

What is an E-mail Blast and how does it work?
An E-mail Blast is a bulk E-mail that you can send out to individuals based on them opting-in to receive certain information. For example, in the contact section of all REALESTATEWEBTEMPLATES templates a form exists that allows the viewer to request more information from you. Once the form is filled out, they will be entered into your email blast database.

Now, when you have information on listings, you can write one e-mail and it will be sent to everyone in your database.

What if people want to be removed from the list?

You can manually remove people from the list through your individual content manager. More information on this exists in the Launch Pad after you become an REALESTATEWEBTEMPLATES customer.

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