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Faqs - Site Promotion

Now that I have a site, how can I promote it?
First thing you should do is make sure that your web address or domain name (i.e. is on all of your collateral materials such as business cards, envelopes, brochures, letterhead, etc.

Second, you should promote your site at the local level. Simply placing a sign or flyer with your web address or domain name at your office will help generate traffic.

Finally, you may want to spend some time and energy into search engine marketing.

Each RealEstateWebtemplate web site comes with the ability to add metatags (keywords) on every page of your site. This is the basics of what the search engine crawlers look for. They find your metatag, cross-reference with the content of your web site and then place you in the listings accordingly. With that said, metatags are not going to guarantee you will be listed toward the top of any search engine listings, but you will be listed nonetheless.

Two Solutions that will get you Higher Rankings
To get higher in the search listings there are 2 paths you could take. Search Engine Submissions and Pay-For-Performance Listings. Both are successful and will help your web site increase traffic. Here are a few programs that we recommend based on past customer success.

1. Pay For Performance:

Search 123

Enhance Interactive


125x125 Text Banner - $25 credit

2. Submission Search Engine Program:


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