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Can I use my own photos or images as replacements to the template design images, and if so, what are the costs associated to this?
We realize you will want to customize the templates as much as possible. As a result we have 2 options available to every customer in regards to changing these template design images. They are:

Option #1 – You can update the image yourself.
Based on the template you select, we will send you the sizes and specifications of the images you’d like to replace. You then can create your own images and submit a support ticket with you image attached and an EzSiteLaunch support representative will replace the header for you
. There is no additional charge for this.

Option #2 – We can update the image with your pictures.
This option will have our designers take your pictures and create an image in place of the ones in the template you selected. You supply the pictures and we will resize and create an image for your template. Cost to implement this feature
$125 (a one time fee).

I like a little bit of 2 different templates, can a template be revised as per my requests?

No. The templates you select are as is. However, as you'll notice there are many template variations to choose from with many different color schemes so you should be able to find one to your liking.

I've selected a template and have had my site up and running for a year now, I want to change my template, can this be done?

Yes. Simply go to the EZLogoMaker™ area and select a new template design. Once your new template is selected and saved, your website is updated in real-time with the new template selection at no additional cost to you. You may change your web template as often as you want.

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